Azerbaijan Foundation of the Democracy Development and Human Rights Protection
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The main aim of the foundation is to support the development of democratic, legal state where human rights are being respected. At present time Azerbaijan is intensively integrating into various international structures, and at the same time the population is badly informed about the principles of human rights protection, etc. Thus the fund aims at accomplishing the following program tasks:
-To help the citizens to develop the positive system of values, and knowledge in the field of democratic basis,
-To help the citizens realize the role of lawful mechanisms in protection of their rights,
-activation of citizens’ participation in making decisions important for the society,
-providing the information on national and international legal mechanisms including the mechanisms of the leading democratic states,
- support in providing the citizens their constitutional rights, civil, economic, social and political freedoms as well as rights indicated in the international Legal acts signed by the Azeri government,
-monitoring of the human rights situation in Azerbaijan and in the Azeri jails ,
-conduction of charitable and humanitarian actions and programs,
-providing protection of the rights of those individuals whose rights have been violated, the foundation is especially active in protecting the rights of the political prisoners,
-the foundation prefers to collaborate with international organizations very much.

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